the crew//

the history begins in 1999, when akut, case and rusk started common projects. during the first two years the trio mainly met up in weimar/germany. it was rusk who first made contact between case and akut on one side, and tasso on the other.
For akut, case and tasso it was easy to work together and to complement each other, as they had already focused on photorealistic spraying irrespectively of each other.
Finally it was tasso who gave the name to the crew on january 2001.

AKUT *1991 | Ma'Claim/The Rowdy Club//TMF and herakut
CASE *1996 | Ma'Claim/The Rowdy Club/TMF
RUSK *1994 | Ma'Claim/The Rwody Club & more
TA55O *1991 | Ma'Claim